In the crucible of military service and the challenging transitions to civilian life, John J. Looney has been the unparalleled standard of leadership and integrity for me. Serving under him in the 3rd Infantry Division as a young military police officer, his leadership transcended beyond mere command to inspire a deep, enduring respect for his dedication to service, community, and principled action. John's seamless translation of these values into every facet of his civilian endeavors showcases his unparalleled suitability to represent Montana's needs and aspirations. As someone who has personally experienced John's transformative leadership, I wholeheartedly endorse him for the Montana House of Representatives, confident in his ability to lead with the same honor and commitment he's always shown.

C. Kerns

Former Specialist, U.S. Army

I had the privilege of serving alongside John for many years, during which we undertook multiple deployments together in Bosnia. Throughout this time, John consistently went above and beyond what was asked of him. I knew without a doubt that I could rely on him to make the right decisions under pressure, always acting with integrity and professionalism. John is a true patriot. I am not only honored to have served with him but equally honored to call him my friend.


Rick Kahla, Former Staff Seargent, U.S. Army

John and his family have been a part of our homeschool group for several years now, and with each passing year, we witness more of his no-nonsense, authentic, humorous, got-your-back character.  He will shine in the House with his attention to detail, creative problem-solving, integrity, and a get-it-done attitude. If you ask any of the students he tutors, they would say, “He’s the best and makes class super fun!” I am constantly amazed at all the “tools” John has collected over his journey through life. He is truly a treasure for the Treasure State.

Ashley B

CC Foundations Director

I just had to drop a note because I'm genuinely excited about what you're bringing to the table for our House District 82 election. Watching you put in the work, tirelessly championing our needs, and really getting into the grit of what our community faces—it's beyond impressive.

John, your knack for diving headfirst into public service and really fighting for the well-being of our folks here has never gone unnoticed. You're the real deal—a leader who doesn't just show up but stands up, ready to voice what matters and fight for the principles we hold dear in Montana. It's that spirit of yours, that genuine drive to protect our way of life and push for policies that actually lift our community, that sets you apart.

And let's talk about how you handle the tough conversations, how you're all about finding that common ground, even when politics feels more like a battleground. That's the kind of leadership we're starving for—one that bridges divides and gets to the heart of solutions that reflect the resilience and spirit of our people.

I'm throwing my full support behind you, John. It's high time we had someone with your clarity and commitment shaking things up and bringing common sense back into the conversation. I'm telling everyone I know—they've got to back you too.

Lorelei Reed

Manager, Do Process Inc.

I am writing to endorse John Looney for House Representative. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Looney for several years now, and I can confidently say that John has the necessary qualities and skills to excel in this position. My personal and professional experience working with and around John has been nothing less than exceptional. He is always eager to take on challenges locally in the state of Montana and around the country as one of the leaders in commercial surety. John holds positions in both state and national associations where he helps dive into the issues and challenges our industry faces. I believe that it is essential to elect leaders who are committed to improving and maintaining what is best for the people of Montana, and John Looney is just that leader. I truly believe that once John is elected, he will fight tooth and nail for ALL Montanans. I encourage you to vote for John Looney. He is just the guy for this seat that will work hard to do what is necessary for the betterment of all Montanans.

Steve Mares

Mares & Armstrong, LLC

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